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How to shop in India and ship to USA

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India is unique in many ways. In fact it’s hard to find country that’s as diverse as India. This culture and rich diversity is visible across its culture and its products, be it apparels, handicrafts or food. But if you are someone not living in India, how do you then shop in India and ship to USA? In the past, this would have been arduous task but not anymore. New technologies and start up’s like Shipbuz have made this possible and easier.

Buy in India ship to USA- Here’s how it works

Step 1: Sign up with Shipbuz & get your local delivery address in India

Step 2: Shop online from any Indian stores and get it delivered to your new address

Step 3: You’ll be notified when the item is received

Step 4: You can then instruct to ship it out to your address or you can combine two or more packages and save 30 to 50% on shipping charges.

What’s more, you only pay for shipping charges. Tie ups with leading carrier’s means that you get the best discounted rates every time you ship with Shipbuz. With Shipbuz you can now get access to hundreds of unique products from India and get it delivered at your address all the comfort of sitting at your home. Now shop in India and ship to USA with confidence.

Sign up or get in touch with us today to know more. Our friendly customer service associates would clarify all your questions and would help you buy in India ship to USA