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Guide to buying mixer grinder for USA in India

Buying mixer grinder for USA in India

This is a quick guide to buy a mixer grinder for USA in India .Don’t worry if the online store does not ship outside India and yes make it work with regular US 110/120V.

A mixer grinder is an essential home appliance and is a must for every Indian kitchen. No kitchen is complete without a mixer grinder. This multipurpose kitchen appliance is designed to handle all your cooking needs. It’s one of the most versatile home appliances. Its uses vary from making pasta, curries, chutneys to masalas and batter. The list is just endless.

But buying a mixer grinder in USA can be a bit of a challenge due to lack of availability and limited buying choices. A solution to this is to buy a mixer grinder for USA in India along with a compatible step-up transformer. Get it delivered to your US address, that way your Indian mixie works smoothly.

A solution to this is to buy mixer grinder for USA in India along with a compatible step up transformer and have it shipped to your address in USA”

How it works

1. Sign up a package forwarding service like Shipbuz and get your Indian delivery address

2. Visit any reputed online stores in India and choose from hundreds of models available.

3. Buy your favorite Indian mixie and have it delivered to your new address along with a compatible step-up transformer.

4. You will get notified when your package arrives at their warehouse. They can offer you additional services like quality testing, repacking for international shipping, content photos, and many more.

5. Choose your preferred shipping method, sit back, and relax while your package gets delivered to your address in USA.

Things to remember while buying mixer grinder for USA in India:

In this section, we are going to look at the things that we should take care of while buying a mixer grinder.

Ensure that you choose the right step-up transformer.

What is a step-up transformer?

A step-up transformer is used to convert electricity from  110V/120V to 220V/240V AC so that your Indian mixie runs smoothly in USA.

How do I choose the right step-up transformer that I need?

First, you need to check how many watts your mixer grinder operates on (This information is easily available on the product description or on the packaging/product label).For example 550W, 750W, etc. Make sure not to run your mixie or any appliance with a higher wattage than the wattage of your step-up transformer. This might damage both your appliance and transformer. A good quality heavy duty transformer can be used continuously at 17 % to 80% of their capacity. Consider buying a step-up transformer of higher wattage for example, for a 750W mixie you can go for a 1500W transformer.

  • When buying a mixer grinder for USA in India, always go for a reputed brand with at least one year warranty.
  • Make sure your mixer grinder comes with all accessories if not order them separately.
  • Only buy online from reputed online shopping sites with good customer service.
  • Ensure that your step-up transformer and mixie are checked and quality tested.
  • Order a multi-plug if required.

Tips for choosing best mixer grinder in India

Here are some useful tips while choosing a mixer grinder

  • Only choose from popular brands. The key thing to look for is reliability as servicing or replacing parts can be difficult.
  • Choose your mixer grinder according to your usage. Choose a heavy-duty mixie if you use it more often.
  • A little bit of research can help you to choose the best mixer grinder in India that suits your needs.
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