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Best courier to USA from India

With thousands of people working and living in USA with their families back in India, there is always a need for sending courier. But sending courier to USA from India was always considered cumbersome due to many reasons like confusing documentation, high rates, and unprofessional services by neighborhood courier agencies and so on

Best courier to USA from India

Before we begin let’s check out the things to remember while sending courier to USA

  1. Not all items are allowed to be sent to USA. Some items are prohibited and some are restricted. You can get more information  on this by visiting the courier website or by talking to customer care
  2. Actual weight or dimensional weight whichever is higher is chargeable
  3. Good packaging is essential for safe transport of packages. Seek advise if you are unsure
  4. Proper documentation ensures smooth transit. Customer service at your courier will help you with this.
  5. Always remember more you ship lesser your shipping charges would be. Always try to combine and send packages to save more.

At Shipbuz , we offer one of the best courier service to USA from India. We work with leading carriers which are reputed and internationally renowned for their quality services. We offer customers with multiple shipping options with a bunch of value added services to choose from

Our advantages

  • Simple and transparent pricing
  • Friendly customer service
  • Fully managed shipping service with end to end tracking
  • Free consultation and easy booking process
  • Documentation, repacking and many more
  • All India pick up with our door step

We are specialized in sending noncommercial personal shipments with door delivery to anywhere in USA. Contact us and let us do the hard work. While you sit back and relax, we’ll ensure that your packages get delivered on time and within the budget.

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