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Do’s & Don’ts of Packaging – A Quick Guide

Things to remember while packing

At Shipbuz, we give utmost care to every shipment that we handle. But we would also need your support to ensure a safe and hassle free delivery. A big part of it is secure packaging. Here are a few quick tips to follow while Packing.

  • Don’t ship items like cash, jewelry, currency, live animals etc.  These are prohibited items
  • Fragile items need more secure packaging. Do not allow fragile items to touch each other. You can ensure this by wrapping individual item and separating it with a corrugated divider. Place labels outside the box to help identify the contents as fragile
  • Don’t pack items loosely inside a carton box. Fill up the gaps using Styrofoam peanuts or shredded paper and other gap filling materials. Ensure adequate cushioning
  • Don’t use damaged carton boxes for shipping. When using recycled carton boxes, don’t forget to take off old shipping labels. Also make sure that the carton box is in good condition.
  • Avoid using ropes and strings to secure packages. Instead use good quality plastic tapes and stretch wrapping material to pack your boxes
  • Do not over load the box. If the space is insufficient consider using two boxes.
  • Regular 3-ply shipping boxes are not good enough for international shipping. Use 7-ply or at least 5-ply (double walled) carton boxes for safe shipping.

Good packaging is key to ensure safe and damage free delivery of your consignment. While the carrier will take all care to avoid damages, as customers we also can contribute our bit by ensuring that we pack our items properly.


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