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International shipping rates, requirements and procedures

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The shipping rates are primarily influenced by several factors and some of them are:

  • The weight & dimensions of the consignment
  • The type & nature of the cargo
  • The mode of transit
  • Destination

Of course there are many other factors that influence the international shipping rates but discussing them right away would unnecessarily make things complicated. Before we start figuring out the shipping we need to ask a few questions to ourselves. The answers to these questions will then help you choose the shipping mode and figure out the shipping rates.

So let’s get straight to the point. What are the questions that we need to ask ourselves?

What is my cargo? is it bulky? How soon do I want to get it delivered and what’s my budget?

Ocean freight

For bulky & large volume goods

Pros: The international shipping rates are low compared to any other means of transport. If you are shipping something bulky and is looking for cheap international shipping rates then this should your preferred choice

Suitable for moving a variety of goods like say industrial chemicals and other such hazardousconsignments

Cons: It Is the slowest means of transport. For example moving a container from India to USA can take anywhere between 28 to 70 days of transit time approx. The transit time also depends on other factors like whether you opted for FCL or LCL shipping, destination port, the route taken by the carrier and so on

Air cargo

Recommended for shipments that are less bulky, requiring faster delivery

Pros: Suitable for sending goods that require timely delivery like perishable goods, vaccines, documents etc…

Cons: Expensive. Not suitable if you are on a tight budget and is looking for cheap international shipping rates

Requirements & procedures

The requirement & procedures for shipments vary largely and depends on the type of shipment like for example: procedures are different for commercial and personal shipments. Similarly the requirements and procedures are also different for air cargo and ocean freight. However most of basic documentation requirements are the same.

“Sending personal shipments involves minimal documentation compared to commercial shipments and is
generally hassle free, provided we follow the procedures and provides the required documents”

Your freight forwarder or the shipping company can navigate you through these procedures and hence this shouldn’t be a matter of concern. Since they do it on daily basis they are well aware of what needs to be done.

Things to remember

International cargo shipping rates from India vary from destination to destination and the rates are subjected to seasonal fluctuations.

Although ocean freight is very cheap, it’s better to dispatch your cargo via air if it’s smaller in size and if you can afford. The reason being that an LCL shipment takes much longer to deliver. For instance sending a consignment to USA as LCL ocean freight can easily take several weeks. If you are choosing LCL mode then you need to decide if the international shipping rate offered is worth the wait.

Packaging. We can’t stress this enough: Proper packaging ensures that your goods reach destination safely without any damages. Remember your package goes along with a lot of other goods and is often transshipped at multiple points before it gets delivered.
Cheap isn’t the best. It’s natural to get attracted to carriers offering cheap international shipping rates,
but keep in mind that it may not always be the best option for you.

Courier & international parcel services

International courier services are incredibly fast and reliable and are highly suitable for sending documents and small packages. For instance sending a package from India to USA just takes 3 to 5 days for delivery.

On the other hand international parcel services offer a more economical option while sending bigger packages which are less urgent in nature. It’s fast enough & reliable too but the delivery would not be as

quick as courier service. But the low international cargo shipping rates makes it a popular choice among many customers sending their packages abroad.

Non residential Indians (NRI) finds this service really useful and makes use of this service for shopping from India or for bringing in their parcels and extra baggage’s from India. An attractive international shipping rate from India coupled with a large NRI population makes this one of the fast growing segments within the courier industry.


Is international shipping based on weight or size? Do I need a customs form to ship internationally?

Yes. The international shipping from India rates depend on the weight and size along with several other factors. When it comes to weight, the actual weight or volumetric weight whichever is higher is taken for calculating the freight charge. Visit our pricing page to use the volumetric weight calculator. All international shipments need to go through customs clearance before it leaves the country. Your CHA or freight forwarder can assist you with this.

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